$110.7 Million Monet Shatters Auction Records

After 6 bidders competed for more than 8 minutes, Claude Monet’s Meules is the most valuable Impressionist work of art sold at auction. The painting achieved $110.7 million — 44x the estimate.



  1. It’s a shame what happens on the art world, it’s like NASDAQ floor, has nothing to do with art . People buy this and think in a couple of years the can double. It’s a big bubble that will brake.
    Contemporary artist can’t even live of their art.

  2. Clickbait! Thought i was gonna see a painting sold for $110.7 million but it only sold for $97 million. So disappointing…

  3. Just remember that for a few thousand (or even a few hundred) dollars, you can buy very nice examples of work by living artists, including living impressionists. Not only do you get a great original for a sensible amount of money, but you also help someone still alive and creating to carry on doing their good work.

  4. i am telling one thing when we go to purchase any things in shop we have do bargain but hear is hike the price , i don"t understand this type of purchase , thx

  5. As much as people criticize these values it's incredible to see them negotiating with such resolve over 1% increments, while the average person will walk into a car or home negotiation and get absolutely robbed.

  6. Interesting how this amount is multiple times more valuable than the cumulative life savings of some people while it's literal chump change for others. I have a friend who occasionally buys dresses worth $2-4 million. Meanwhile, one of my housekeepers has a cousin overseas that makes the equivalent of $200 per quarter. The most expensive thing I ever bought was around $550,000, I can't even imagine spending even a million on something.

  7. Can someone with sense and brain explain to me why they buy these kind of arts with that amount of money? I mean is it like an investment or?

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