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  1. if I could have one Testarossa it would have to be Tubbs's white Testarossa in Miami Vice…
    not the most high performance Ferrari, but one of the most iconic especially in pop culture…

  2. I watched most of the live show earlier today. I was surprised of how many of these cars and trucks brought soft numbers. It was definitely a buyers market. I’m not a big VW guy, but I was surprised how the 1974 VW Westfalia Bus only brought 16,500. That would have been a fun toy to use on road trips with the family.

  3. The new owner is in for an absolute treat. Impressively low miles and a relatively low price for one of the most iconic Ferrari's ever to grace the roads of the world. Plus, that car is guaranteed to go up in value even if they put tens of thousands of miles on the ODO. I stand by the FACT that every car needs to be driven, regardless of its rarity, because each and every one of them was put on this earth for a purpose. Long live the Auto Enthusiast!

  4. Should have invested that 85k into Apple stock right now it would be worth closer to $100 million. Could buy all the greats f40 288gto Enzo and la Ferrari with a house for each

  5. Stupid money my 512M was better and i guess the stupid money today would be worth a lot more this thing has a ton of miles for that money!

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