2019 May sale Silverstone Auctions preview

Silverstone Auctions next big sale is this Saturday, 11th May at Heythrop Park, Entone in Oxfordshire this weekend and I was these yesterday to do a quick preview of some of the cars in the sale. Today(Friday) and tomorrow morning are viewing days, with the sale starting at 12:30 on Saturday.
For more info head over to:

To see the full list of lots plus how to register to bid and to watch the auction live on Saturday. See you there!


  1. A very interesting lineup and the Building in the background really sets off these cars nicely. The Jaguar XJ220 got my attention. Currently there is one for sale here in Australia for $700K with 9000 KM on the clock.

  2. I purchased one of these in 2000 for around £118,000 (R146 VOO) with around 1,000kms on the clock. I sold it stupidly 18 months later for £89,000… At the time, the fuel tanks were on a manufacturers' advisory replacement at a cost of £12,000. the main cost being the removal of the engine, to get to the tanks.

  3. look , harry , are you a mechanic or a has been wanna be clarkson ???? . please dont tell people to go to auctions and (looks ok its worth it). ends up a pile of shit and needs a ton of work . remember … people dont have access to the same money as you … loved the vid of the xj12 coupe but you do come off very pretentious . just my 2p …. you seem like a nice guy

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