2021 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy, Tips, Tricks

Pat Mayo and Jeff Ratcliffe break down their 2021 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy with their tips and tricks about nominations, bidding, biases, and roster salary allocation.

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00:00 Intro
2:55 Auction Tips
7:47 Nomination Strategy
11:01 Salary Allocations
15:53 Using Bias again Competition
16:28 Freeze Bidding
24:01 End of Draft Strategy
25:57 Extra Tips


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    00:00 Intro
    2:55 Auction Tips
    7:47 Nomination Strategy
    11:01 Salary Allocations
    15:53 Using Bias again Competition
    16:28 Freeze Bidding
    24:01 End of Draft Strategy
    25:57 Extra Tips

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    RB Rankings Tiers https://youtu.be/e3AZIHHNNb
    QB Rankings Tiers https://youtu.be/XEzEHsatdDo
    WR Rankings Tiers https://youtu.be/ZyJiZjEQlb0

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  2. Ah the auction, def the best way to play. My best memory was nominating the bears Adrian Peterson first when AP was on the top of the list and watching people bid up a third string RB to 60 bucks and then realizing it’s the wrong AP. Looking back it was kinda mean and screwed up someone’s draft but was funny as heck

  3. 10:18 – Amen. I love throwing a lower tier/sleeper player I do want early and I can generally get them before the desperation sets in or I go up against the high remaining budgets later in the draft. And even if someone does decide to try and hike me up on the player I can let them go and now they just over paid for a guy they probably didn't want.

  4. ESPN does auction drafts online. Someone ended up paying half their budget for Christian McCaffrey because everyone would just go wild slamming the bid button upping the bid by 1 dollar each time before seeing what the previous bid was. Someone started the auction for CMC at 100 it got up to 105 before people realized what was going on, suffice to say, that dude lost the league.

  5. we have done our 12 man auction league for 4 years (except last year) live in under 4 hours

    2 years (last year and the first year) we did app drafts in under 2 hours i dont know where this 7 hours nonsense is coming from

    we also take beer and food breaks

  6. Once you go Auction, you never look back.
    I set it up on Yahoo and love it, I get a chance to draft who I want, I get to use strength of schedule more accurately.
    You can go into a draft with a plan and come out smiling

  7. Awesome! Haven't seen many videos about auction strategy! I am in one league, and it's an auction. Best part of the season is getting together and spending the entire day with a group lunch in between drafting! My strategy has always been to call out players I don't want in order to get people to spend that $$$!😀

  8. Have a Auction Keeper question. I can pick one keeper on a $200 dollar budget for my auction league. Half PPR I could keep Josh Allen for $10, Dalvin Cook for $62 or Allen Robinson for $19. Trying to get some feedback on what you guys think. Love the content. Thanks fellas.

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