2021 Silverstone Auctions Ferrari Sale preview. In association with Ferrari Owner's Club of GB

The next Silverstone Auction is the Ferrari sale on Saturday 5th June and is being held in association with the Ferrari’s Owner’s Club GB at Sywell Park in Northamptonshire where FOC are holding their National Ferrari Owner’s Day. I got the chance to do a quick preview video on the Ferraris coming up for sale in this auction For more details, please follow the link below;


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  2. Some of these car have so few miles you wonder if the owners really wanted to drive them. It's like the car is just another column in their investment portfolio. Ferrari's have always been a little hit and miss with some models and, if they continue to produces more and more of their 'limited edition' models (and an SUV to boot????!!!), will they be able to maintain their enviable mystique? Still, as we get closer and closer to an all-out EV world, I think all of these examples (regardless of year of model) will continue to be collectable simply because they are analog vs the new-order digital designs. Exhaust notes will always demand and attract car enthusiast all around the globe.

  3. Be still, my beating heart but, oh my Lord that Bronze coloured Dino!!! What an absolutely stunning piece of machinery! I remember seeing one in Vancouver as a little kid and have been enthralled by the 246's as well as the DeTomaso Pantera's from the same period. I was a curious 7 year old in 1973-4 and have always been in love with cars, my Dad had an early 60's Triumph TR-3a and I remember going to A & W car nights with him in Edmonton with that car. I know I simply couldn't afford this Dino and have it shipped to Alberta, but if I ever win a large enough Lottery it will find a special place in my custom built garage and shop! lol

  4. From what I've seen at auctions so far this year, lower end classics are selling well. But if these guide prices are accurate (and it's a sizeable "if"), then Ferrari prices are definitely on the slide. Possibly a short term correction, or maybe a sign that people are getting out of their high-value petrol cars before the EV tipping point arrives…?

  5. 17:21 from 1990 to 1995 automatic seatbelts where required by law in the United States, the federal government shocking realized this was a stupid idea and rescinded the law, Thats why some of them have them and some don't.

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