2021 Silverstone Auctions NEC Classic Motor Show Sale preview

Silverstone Auctions are holding their three-day sale up at the NEC Classic Motor Show this weekend. Friday 12th November is the first opportunity for the public to view the cars going under the hammer but I did a preview video yesterday, to give you a guide to the cars (and bikes) being auctioned over the weekend.

Full details of this three-day sale (and to register to bid) are on the Silverstone Auction website. Here’s a link


  1. Hey Harry. Just saw the 914 VW Porsche. I saw one 2 month ago. It was perfectly restaured and it shouldn't have left the garage. He had an enemy contact at ALDI. There was a woman – driving an SUV – trying to leave the parking lot.
    She told me that she just didn't see him because he's so flat.
    Even worse is the 914 was a 914/6. The expensive ones, if you're thinking 'bout getting a VW Porsche. The poor fellow was so …… And it's still forbidden to kill that * . * (Imagine any rude words here 😉 Well my favorite is my girlfriends Citroen AX 660Kg 50HP. It was so much fun.
    And cheap too 40 – 64 mpg. In 1,5 years I made 60000Km and only 80Mark fixing it, plus a set of wheels. How I wish this car back

  2. I recognize bike exhibit 151 – that's a Yamaha DS7! I own the one belonging to my late grandfather whom I never met…but I've been told I'm a lot like him. I keep it stock in his memory and ride it a couple times a week during the warm season! Starts on the third kick every spring 🙂

  3. I live in Central London, if I was to buy one of these cars every time I take it out of the garage I would get hit with a charge of £12.50 ULEZ. If I were to drive out to Richmond 6 miles and then drive home another £12.50 charge in order to pay for weasel Khan to fund the removal of a statue of British Heritage.

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