2021 Silverstone Auctions Race Retro Live online auction preview

Silverstone Auctions 2021 Race Retro live online auction 2-day sale takes place on the Saturday 27th and 28th March and this week I got the chance to do a preview of all the cars in the sale.
More details are available on Silverstone Auctions website:


  1. Very enjoyable Harry. You seem to have excellent knowledge of both bikes and cars, so I will let you off with you major faux pas referring to a diamond green 1976 Kawasaki z900 as a Z1 ..wrong and very ironic, given that in the very next room you enter there is an actual Z1 B in permission blue which you ignore.😂

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  3. My door fell off… proceeds to remove door of someone else’s car. Absolutely brilliant and such a treat that Harry gets away with it.

  4. Harry's Garage is a bit like Top Gear for aristocrats. And its not a criticism either. As much as its fun to watch guys clowning around in cars, the more sophisticated presentation of Harry which focuses more on the facts is very refreshing for the genre of car shows. Plus, if Harry gives an opinion, he always states it as an opinion or personal preference as opposed to say Jeremy Clarkson who also gives his opinions but does so in manner that suggests he is always right and if you disagree with him, you're wrong.

    For the amount of subscribers, Harry's Garage is definitely underrated.

  5. You wicked, wicked man! How you teased me with that gorgeous Sunbeam Tiger! And then you didn't review it. Bad, bad.

  6. Going to learn how to enjoy some nice cars. Pick a place on a map that looks interesting and take the trip.

  7. The JPS S2 Esprit is 2.0 litre and 160bhp, they came out after Lotus lost the sponsorship so the cars do not say JPS. The S2 also has exactly the same suspension as the S1. As for numbers that's a whole different story : )

  8. So many wonderful Choices if you have the 'moolah' ~ I loved the white Porsche 911/930 but there were many more GEMS to look at. 🚕🚗🚓

  9. Love whispering Harry, best car presenter on the planet. Was that his father Bob that did a rock show in the 70's, he has to be related.

  10. The reason these vids are so successful and popular is because the dude is just so watchable. Harry always makes everything feel like a really cosy Sunday morning….or maybe that’s just because that’s when I watch them!

  11. Please Harry would you do a follow up video giving your thoughts on the auction results and how you see the prices of particular classic cars now and in the future?

  12. M1 was opened slip end Watford 1959 Harry. The concrete slab says from London to Yorkshire.
    Your Dad was probably one of the first to ever drive the M1 matey. Seems it opened up at the perfect time for your family. 😁

  13. These are alright I suppose for old stuff, but for what these will probably make at auction, you could just go out and buy something new. Makes no sense to me.

  14. You don't need a mask? You believe you're exempt because you're making a video about cars? For your YT channel? Hmmm…..

  15. Nice video Harry – as usual. Unfortunately, you skipped the silver one of six Brabus SL55 K8. I saw it in the background while you were talking about the BMW M3. I was looking forward to that. 😉

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