4,000 BARGAINS: UK's BIGGEST Gun Auction? – Pt.1

We barely scraping the surface of the July 2021 sealed bid lots, there are definitely some gems to be had! Keep an eye out for Part 2 coming tomorrow!

Check out Holts’ sealed bid:


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  1. Can you do a market assessment please John ie. are people getting rid of old guns because they're decreasing in value? Hence the large catalogue? Or dealers dumping stuff they can't sell because unpopular or too broken? Hope you're on some of the seller's commission..

  2. Excellent video yet again. Spot on about 70/80s japanese guns cannot beat them for dollar to dollar i still haven't moved on from mine. A video of shooting something like a nikko vs a new ata would be pretty amazing

  3. I’ve actually been looking at the 303 you picked up at 9.15 – I’ve got a similar gun that shoots fantastically for me and was thinking of picking up a spare! Shame the rfd transfer would be about the same cost as the gun! :p epic video as always

  4. What a great video. Johnny your passion for all things held that go bang ( USA “pew”) is so obvious and infectious. Can’t wait for part two! As an edit I have just see the time and I am so behind having watched this! Got nothing done at all. Lol

  5. I want to bid on a few Webley and Scott 12 bore side by side guns and am from Pakistan can you please guide me the procedure.thank you for your videos and good luck

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