5 Tips to Avoid Getting Burned at Copart or Insurance Auto Auctions

In this video we discuss 5 general guidelines to help newer buyers to avoid getting burned at Copart or Insurance Auto Auctions (IAAI) and what to do if you do get burned. These tips can help to minimize the the risks involved with buying cars at Salvage auction as well as help to reduce the potential for loosing money.

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  1. I bought 2 cars from the salvage auction sight unseen, One car had a clear title and the other was salvage. They both was good cars, Definitely go in person if possible but if you can't do a lot of research on the car that you're in interested in buying.

  2. First off, I Love the channel. Can you give an opinion on flood damaged cars. I am looking at a 2020 BMW 340 with 3000 miles on it. I know there is risk for electronic components and vehicle fluids being effected. Just interested in your opinion. Thx

  3. Hi! I'm about to buy a Yamaha xsr900 from copart. I really don't know if it's a good deal, but the damage on this bike doesn't look too serious. I don't know if you can give it a fast check and tell me if it's a good idea or not. The auction is this monday so i hope you can see this message soon enough (sorry for my english).

    VIN#: JYARN47Y0KA000729

  4. I was curious as to why a Bill of Sale car is bad especially being sold from a insurance company? If you look at Washington/North Seattle like 50% of the cars are BOS. won't you just need to apply for a new title?

  5. Hey, It's my first time on your channel. I'm from Libya and the customs don't really care about the title the car had in the US. My question is, can I export any car with any title from the US? E.g. COD titles

  6. Just found your channel and subscribed – been buying from salvage pools since the 1980's and rebuild at home as you do. Retired professional bodyman. Just wanted to say you are about the best I've seen on youtube. Best of luck with your channel. Cheers Bondo Bob

  7. You mentioned that you opened your scope to all cars in the country. Could you make a step-by-step video explaining how you handle the shipping process from an auction after you won the car? Great content by the way, you should definitely have more subscribers.

  8. I bought 4 completely lost my ass on one. The other 3 came out pretty good. Don’t believe anything they say…runs and drives is bs.

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