Ankole livestock auction set to take place at President Ramaphosa's Phala Phala farm on Saturday

With the much-hyped Ankole livestock auction, organised by the Ankole Society of South Africa, set to take place at President Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm on Saturday, an Ankole cattle farmer has provided SABC News with insight into the breeding and rearing of some of the world’s most coveted animals. Chief Libhu-wani Matsila of Matsila village outside Louis Trichardt is one of few Ankole cattle farmers in the country. Reporter Lutendo Bobodi and video journalist Llewellyn Carstens paid Matsila a visit and compiled this report.

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  1. I am drought resistant too.
    May cost an arm or leg to acquire, but easy maintenance
    Aggressive with off spring.
    My people already setting and negotiating the price to "behold their majestic creature" – your words not mine. Lol..Africans…lol… no wonder why I am messed up. I had no chance from birth. Look at these people….lol…

  2. You go on as usual my president ,you have been buying and selling animals for far too long and nothing happened ,now just because it's an ANC conference in December every citizen must suffer, you committed no crime Mr president ,you didn't steal tax payer s money ,LET THEM SCREAM UNTIL THEIR VOICES BECOME HORRIBLE ,TO AN EDUCATED PRESIDENT LIKE YOU IS SO FULFILLING ,I WISH I HAD TRANSPORT ,I WOULD COME TO PHALAPHALA FARM UNINVITED .LOVE LOVE MY PRESIDENT.

  3. The news are so dry people are awake now the youth of today will make history seems like Ramaposa is in for a big Suprise in a few years to come . People are tired of fake news and they now know how media operates and who controls it .

  4. They are fooling us,trying to confuse the investigation underway…..this should be stopped till investigation is finished……this man is same as Zuma,he is trying to confuse everyone with multiple auctions and money……this is same when swimming pool was called fire pool

  5. My question is what will happen to judges and journalists who compromised the truth if the president step down?
    What will happen to human rights organization who were silent during covid19 when human rights were undermined people were forced to take vaccine some even after tooking vaccine few months later they lost their jobs?

    Anyway brothers and sisters Jesus is coming very soon are we ready? Accept him now by saying this word Lord Jesus come into my heart be my Lord and saviour I believe that you died and rose from death because of my sins forgive me amen Roma10:9-10 john 1v12

  6. You will see million of dollars in cash after this auction sale so that they will fool us about the money that was kept in the house in hardcash under matrase🤣🤣mnx

  7. This statement for you MHLONGO is totally uncalled and foolish, here we are dealing with a corrupt man, who is a president who preach that he fight corruption, There was stolen money in his farm, huge amount , in dollars, where was the money come from , how many days was the money kept there, why he did not report the case to the police, people were nearly killed, beaten up by his PPU, people were bribed , this MAN is a president, he should lead by example, he must step aside, more is coming for him, this is the first one keep watching boy, but i wish people teach ANC the step aside in 2024,THERE IS QUITE A LOT HAPPENED.

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