1. When I was 7 yrs my Mom & Dad bought a 51 ford that looked like that, it was a year old when they bought it.

  2. Awesome, you bought toys 👍👏😁 I'm a sucker for old toys. The creepy old dolls do well here in Australia. My kids used to be scared of my old dolls. One I had sitting on a hall stand and it's eyes seemed to follow you lol Fast forward a number of years, my son needed one of my creepy dolls to (believe it or not) melt for his album cover or EP cover. The result was awesome lmao when he told me what he was going to do with it.
    Love your work Bert. Any chance you can go through and show us each item you bought? I'd love to get a better look at the toys and dolls? Maybe at the market if you have time? But thank you. Huge fan here. Love your videos

  3. Hi Bert. Old pictures are cool. Some scores for sure. Those masks are collectable. Could be worth $$$.

  4. I think that big coffee cup is a modern piece. Those pics were neat that bald clown looked like cappie on devils rejects. Did the auctioneer decide not to sell bc nobody wanted to pay his bid price? He prob wanted them for himself. My favorite was that pink celluloid sugar creamer set. The bowls were pink milk glass with plastic lids + on a tray. Sell that spooky pic quick!

  5. Whoa! On the black Betty car you said there was a reserve of 40 on it. Did you mean forty thousand??? No way was that car worth that much if that's what you meant.

  6. Bert you watch 1Puglife…….. "Anger" lol….. Pug is awesome and from Canada, same as me….. I watch him all the time…… Your the best Bert….

  7. that was a good buy on that box of pictures, i sold 4 pictures like that to an antique dealer and got $100 each.

  8. Picket up few good bargains at the Auctions looks like you're getting attached to pictures with Boats never no what you will find thanks for video

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