Antique Farm Auction Results

Antique Farm Auction Results. Good used farm equipment for sale at auction near me. Good used farm tractors for sale at auction near me. #farmallfanatic #farmall #farmauction


  1. 20:19 I found that Farmall C on marketplace, it must've been posted after the auction. The block has been welded behind the carburetor, I think it was listed for $750. Some amazing deals there, I couldn't believe it when that one H sold for $400

  2. That was one cheap auction the tractors were sold way under value ☹️ the PAVT wheels in that 65 would make that money for the wheels alone over here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 enjoyed the video 💥👍

  3. The FARMALL A with sickle bar mower $750 Cheap .In 1970 at my Dad's sale are Farmall 100 year 1956 or 1957 with hydraulic loader and mower sold for 750 a one condition 🤔🏆

  4. Sorry I missed live stream. I'm surprised they don't use a battery booster on those no starts. But I understand most were running earlier. Just seemed like some were rolling over way slow. Good stuff at that sale.

  5. Went to a sale Sunday, came home with a M with a Dual loader and a wide front for 1200. It was an estate auction with 41 tractors ACs, IHs ,JDS and olivers. They had 3Rings going and took 6 hours to sale everything.

  6. the H is the same year mine was and i bet it has the high compression head.

    the yellow and blue ford 2000 was the utility model and i think it was used to pull a gang reel mowers on a golf course , sold with a 4spd 5 spd 10spd selecto speed ot a 3 on 4 12 spd trans options
    the oliver superior grain drill is like the one dad had

  7. To buy a nice A and a nice old grain drill for under a $1000 that just seems crazy. When I watch your auction videos it drives me just a little crazy when that older gentleman smacks the metal on those tractors with his stick.

  8. After seeing how low the other tractors were going… I saw the H wasn’t going to $2750. I would have given the $2500 reserve! In my part of the country a $2500 Farmall doesn’t look half as good as that one.

  9. Ooooooh! Oooooh! I got it! Your new channel name could be "Amish Bearded Auction Fanatic"!! Lol! Thanks for the auction tour. The market for that equipment is starting to soften. Wonder if it will 'bout stagnate by fall? Hmmmmm……

  10. I can't remember ever being at a sale where tractors sold that low….. I would have been killed by the wife if I'd have been their cause I would have brought me several tractors home……

  11. I was yelling at the screen trying to bid, too many of those tractors went low. I would have been all over that H with the slick paint for $2,500. The tires are $1,800 alone! That B john Deere would have came home with me too, $1,200 all day long. I'm not brand judgemental! They would look great with my Fordson Major and Oliver 770.

  12. Yeh it was 40. The ring gear and pinion has a completely different ratio. One other tractor that would run 35 in high gear was the late model Silver King.
    Also the turf model MF 35 was the same way as the Ford.

  13. Some of those older tractors must have been through a dozen auctions since they rolled off the factory floor, and yet they still command bidders.
    Imagine the stories those tractors could tell of where they farmed and the work they did.

  14. Farm fan you do a good job covering auctions. it's my understanding that AC 180's had a hydraulic clutch that didn't make many friends. Trouble that's happening Fan is that the stuff in this sale regardless of condition it's just getting too old and simply because it ran in the morning it doesn't mean it's going to run in the afternoon. At the same time the JD 2010 was one of the least popular modern era greens.

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