Ask Dr. Lori: Selling Secrets, How Auctions Work, Myths, Brown Furniture, Jewelry Marks by Dr. Lori

You ask the questions, Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori provides the expert answers. Don’t know how to resell your #Goodwill #ThriftStoreFinds like jewelry and furniture in online auctions and at places like Etsy and #eBay? Learn tips to pricing your items as Dr. Lori shares the secrets including details on how auction houses really work regarding their fees, reserves and commissions. Listen to this common family story about auctions so you don’t fall victim as others before you have.

Discover why you might not be able to find a mark on your gold or costume jewelry and if a different artist’s signature could affect the value of your painting, print, or lithograph. Dr. Lori also dispels the myth about Brown furniture using a real life example from an auction house’s website. Plus tips about repairing and restoring pieces like wicker furniture.

Post your questions here in the comments section and Dr. Lori may answer them in an upcoming video.


  1. When my dentist grandfather retired, he started using his dental instruments to make jewelry. I have a number of pieces he made. One is a pair of gold and Jade earrings. Of course, they aren't marked.

  2. I just LOVE all you do Dr Lori! You are so AWESOME from your Real Bargains videos to well shoot ALL of them! I am learning so much and spend my afternoons at home watching your videos learning and taking notes. I have been a thrift store shopper for years and have acquired some items that have stayed up packed up in boxes because of several job moves. My goal is to set up a room in my house to start "unpacking" and seeing what things I may have that are of value by subscribing to your service. Having said ALL that..THANK YOU DR Lori for all you give of yourself and your many years of gained knowledge you are a beautiful person inside and out! God Bless!

  3. Hi Dr. Lori, What is my China 1997 "MISSING ROSE." Princess bear worth. It's been stored in original box since bought. It has a stamped inner tush tag and space at end of poem. Thanks Lori.You're the best. Ps. Shall I get it notorized?

  4. Jillian lea
    I have an antique card table that folds on each side . Very durable and I have not painted it…..I can't bring myself to do it . However , I did just paint an antique pie or food cupboard of some sort.

  5. You know the more I watch your videos tomorrow I appreciate and value your expertise and your knowledge and I think in my opinion money that you get for appraising is not your true value as your knowledge is above many people. And I hate to say this and I don't say this to put people down because there's a lot of good appraisers but I honestly have not seen that in my hometown they kind of hum and hah and guess but. I'm not saying this to put them down or put you up on a pedestal I'm just saying the facts as how I see it and you're very humble person and I know you don't underestimate your value that's for sure you don't even portray that in any of your videos but you are kind enough to give people good deals on your appraisals I hope they appreciate you and I hope they appreciate that what you're doing for them is truthful and that's hard to get nowadays sometimes people don't like to hear the truth. Yes I just wanted to tell you that my dad used to say the truth to me when I was a kid about certain things and I'd cry and I said to my dad why do you have to say that. Amy says what am I supposed to do lie to you sometimes the truth hurts. He says would you rather me hurt you and tell you the truth or would you rather me lie to you??
    He says I want your respect it cuz if I lied to you how can I gain your respect and your love..

  6. Question–with your profession, are you an easy gal to shop for? Just curious. Case and point; as a florist for 25 years, the last thing I want as a gift is flowers! Not to be ungrateful, but it never fails if I receive flowers, I'm looking at "why didn't they strip those roses; who uses frogs any more, and they didn't make a proper bow!" All I see in my head, is how to make a proper arrangement. What about you? Do you love a particular artist, or a specific gem (I know your a garnet girl), or a collection of perfume bottles, jewelry from a specific era. Do tell! Thanks for your videos, I love them all! They do inspire. God's blessings on your holidays.

  7. Jewellery makers start somewhere. The university I went to had metalsmithing and jewellery making. Early pieces often go unstamped but are sometimes made from quality materials. Love your show!

  8. Gosh Dr. Lori you are quite possibly the most knowledgeable person on the internet. Have you ever been stumped by an item? I would like to see that video. It would take less than a minute! 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Dr lori I have a very old doll i would love to know about shes about 7 in glass eyes closed mouth painted on shoes appears to be in original cloths marking on neck it's either 15/0 or IS/0 appears to be made out of at least 2 types of material and is wired together at the joints

  10. so much info!!! – love your videos – thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have the same bowl you used in this video – and 2 other pieces that match it. Was going to try and sell them but seeing it in this video reminds me how pretty they are – for now I'm keeping them!

  11. Lori can you please help me the app to, Am looking for jewerly jars and my only two Goodwill Store in my área closet for covid opening jars but never reopenedpeople i see online braga of their secret jewerly ordering places

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this video because I knew absolutely nothing about Auctions.
    Thank you Dr Lori- you’re simply the Best-
    Kermit thinks so as well- ha ha
    Love the little guy- 🐸rivet rivet
    Looking forward to your next video – until then wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. God bless you Dr. Lori

  13. Tysm…you are the Queen Appraiser!I need to chat and look at your files..I have 91 years of collectibles to manage and may need to get a special unlimited subscription. Can someone direct me please.Art...primitives…grandma Moses embroidery… name just a few. Also Early American Tiger Oak Buffet and Round table…Library table…letter to my mother from Carl Sandburg….letters from Rock Hudson etc….help!!I will not offend you…..

  14. Why does your company site say you have 63 employees? If you are the one answering questions directly when people sign up for a membership, it seems contradictory. I’d like to sign up but the information conflicts.

  15. You talked about Gold marking, I assume that silver is different. I understand that silver was marked 925 beginning in 1970, or it was established as a standard in 1970, and before that it was called Sterling, especially before 1940. I have some silver jewelry that is not marked at all, but I believe it was made before 1970. It is turquoise Jewelry and is silver, and may not be 925/1000, but is still silver w/turquoise. So I am wondering if it could be 925 parts silver per 1000 but native Americans just didn't stamp their silver or it is a lesser quality silver.

  16. Dr.Lori….I love you on u-tube…I notice on one program you were displaying a bunch of perfume bottles..I received a bottle of perfume when I was young…probably at least 50 years ago..on the bottom it says Tiffany…I'd this a valuable bottle of perfume..ost of the perfume had evaporated now …still have the bottle..thank you Dr. Lori

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