Ask Dr. Lori: Selling Secrets, How Auctions Work, Myths, Brown Furniture, Jewelry Marks by Dr. Lori

You ask the questions, Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori provides the expert answers. Don’t know how to resell your #Goodwill #ThriftStoreFinds like jewelry and furniture in online auctions and at places like Etsy and #eBay? Learn tips to pricing your items as Dr. Lori shares the secrets including details on how auction houses really work regarding their fees, reserves and commissions. Listen to this common family story about auctions so you don’t fall victim as others before you have.

Discover why you might not be able to find a mark on your gold or costume jewelry and if a different artist’s signature could affect the value of your painting, print, or lithograph. Dr. Lori also dispels the myth about Brown furniture using a real life example from an auction house’s website. Plus tips about repairing and restoring pieces like wicker furniture.

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