Auction Day…I’m Gonna Buy Everything!!!

Can’t wait to show you guys what I bought at the Rock Island Auction!!!

Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!



  1. buys a cowboy hat to fit in at the auction, nowhere else wears a cowboy hat. lol still a great show!

  2. Hey pal so I watched your video on the dragoon you were interested in I have two colt dragoons with awesome engraving on them also one 4” and one 6” let me know if your still in the market

  3. Awww….you lost me. Just can’t comprehend anyone having such enthusiasm for deadly weapons. Definitely won’t support it. Bye now.

  4. That’s my hometown. At the beginning of the video I was thinking “that looks like JohnO’Donnell stadium”, and bam, you’re in “Idaho”!, laughing my ass off! Iowa goofy!

  5. Hooooo-weeee I know them rattle snakes were dead before them boots were drawn up. I like a Texas cow boy at an auction. Ha ha. Mere I got your back. Rats, guns, fox and buzzer, I’m exhausted Matt 😳🤪

  6. I was thinking 8 to 12 thousand on the Uzi, hope it was in really good shape! Plus 8 or more months for your stamp, it would kill me to wait that long. My longest wait for a stamp was 36 days!

  7. Exiting the car shot – great color, sweet boots and hat – you still got out of a soccer mom mobile. Love the channels

  8. Check out a reliable gun store called mrmasterglock on wickr I got glock from this the same store I really appreciate them

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