Auction Hunters: Pawn Shop Edition: Auction Bid Fail!

Carolyn and the boys go head-to-head to win a used 1968 Corvette Stingray in a storage unit. Unfortunately for Carolyn, her bid didn’t go over so well. Gotta speak up, little lady. Tune in to Auction Hunters: Pawn Shop Edition airing Saturdays at 9/8c on SPIKE.

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  1. If he don't even have keys of car then he clearly stole it and what that bald guy is even smoking? Don't hate the player, hate the game? So a game scores low in the game? What kinda dummy he is?

  2. Missing t tops?
    No problem maybe 300$
    Back window?
    Probably rolled down
    Early gen 3 cars did that.
    If its a 427 that 10k there.
    68 had different offset wheels than the 69 or newer models.
    10.5k is a great buy for this car.

  3. 😂😂😂 theirs no rust on it what so ever!! It's fiberglass you dip stick!And what comes around goes around! You cheaters thought you cheated her out of a car only thing is turned out to be a stolen car and lost all of your money……

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  5. What the gentleman does before the bidding begins is called bid fixing and it is a federal crime. I mean it would be a crime if this were a real auction.

  6. I've never went to a Storage War or Storage Auction where there was a car in it…Maybe it's different where ever these people are at..but here in Virginia…no matter what is in the Storage unit..the owners of the Storage Units can't allow the Bid to go any higher than what the Person was behind on it?
    Example..if the person was paying 50 dollars a month rent…and they were 3 months behind..they can't auction the Unit for more than 150.00.

  7. Are there really stupid, naïve people out there who ACTUALLY believe shows like Locker Wars and Pawn Stars are REAL?
    I guess so because they're popular. Locker Wars? What a load of crap. Lockers are seeded and these bidders are more actors than real people. Lockers are obviously seeded. The show's a joke. Pawn Stars? What a fuc*ing farce.. People who "come in" have already been there and already know the price.

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