Auction ONLY Mode in Minecraft Superhero Creator

Today we play Auction ONLY Mode in Minecraft Superhero Creator
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Creating The BEST Superhero In Minecraft

Becoming THOR In Minecraft Superhero Creator

New Auction Mode In Minecraft Superhero Creator

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  1. i would have the ability to stop time but when i resume it the amount of stamina i used up when time was frozen would be all taken away at once so if i stop it for too long and go too far ill die

  2. jerome had the worst suit of all why was the flash so slow also i reccomended fisk a while ago nice to know you read the suggestion bin in ur discord

  3. When she said something that “can blind someone” people that gets sergers cuz of flashing lights

  4. POV you play baseball and dropsy is winning that battle you: let's go dropsy let's go "bang" "bang" "bang"

  5. 3:50 speed force (like the flash) the drawback is exactly what it is for Barry, I have to consume a lot of food. I think it is very balanced

  6. celene the only girl super hero i now me its gotta be black widow wanda vision or captain marvel THE MOST UNDER RATED MOVIE OF DC SUPERGIRL

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