Auction Rescue Mission in Progress!

Jason: I’m at the auction with my team and it’s not a pretty night so far… there’s a lot of horses that need help so desperately.

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  1. In my opinion if these people are bringing in these horses that are crippled starving and are in dire need of care then there has to be SOMEONE OUT THERE th as t can bring charges against the owners or the people that buy them to auction them off for slaughter!!!! These wonderful people that buys them to rehab them and get them well to give them all another chance in life are a group of angels of mercy!! May God bless them all!! There has to be a way to stop this horrible treatment of these animals before they get this bad!!

  2. I had a 35 year old horse who was never skinny a day in his life, spoiled rotten yes. When he stopped eating but would drink, we did the last act of kindness. He had been with me for 33 years and I could never imagine doing anything else. Thank you for everything that you do.

  3. Unfortunately I'm not in the financial position to donate but I admire u all for the selfless work that u do for these poor animals that have been so badly let down by thier owners. I watch every one of ur videos, live deb from Cornwall England xxx

  4. About old skinny horses: Often its a tooth problem. Mine started losing his back teeth, those important to munch down the hay and grass ration, from age 26 on. So he got a bit skinny. He gained weight again when we found out the right daily portion of soked hay cobs. There are also corn cobs, luzerne cobs – more nutritient. Normally, its 1,5 kilo per hundred kilo horse body weight. So, for my 500kilo tersky horse, it was 7,5 kilos of dry cobs to be soaked in water.
    I also got oats and a friend who freshly groundet it for me. Vet could not do so much then, cause the teeth were gone. In his last months he could not even graze properly, could not gather and process the harder grass . That was heart breakting. But with his daily cob portion plus grounded out he was happy, ran around, protected his little mare and enjoyed life with his friends until his very painful foot injury and our final decision.
    Yes, sometimes oldies are skinny. My vet spent 300 Euro per month to feed up her oldie after she had to remove all his teeth (all totally inflamed). She fed a sophisticated mixture of several expensive ingredients 5x a day or so. LOL. I sometimes swore while I was house-sitting for her (and feeding him while defending his bucket against some greedy shetties). Don't know how she managed along her 60h/week-job.
    Oh, while I was there, I had lots of fruits from her garden, esp. soft pears. Careful with young horses or ponies, they can catch founder or disturb their intestines otherwise! But with an old emaciated one, esp. warmblood or thoroughbred mix, they can take it, enjoy it and put on weight during fruit season.

    When my young vet married her sweetheart, her old horse was there, nice and shiny and she rode to church on him in her white dress. 🙂

    Ok, some side stories about how its a bit complicated to keep old horses in shape. But we who keep them until their last days, go to some lenth to keep them happy. 🙂

  5. QUESTION: Why can't surgery be performed on breaks like the one on the MINI, w/bone broken just above the hoof? Screw plates into the bone on both sides of the break and the animal can walk around as soon as he's awake. Relatively simple "uncomplicated" surgeries are possible on many animals that are instead euthanized. (Yes, I know every surgery can be an adventure, but you know what I mean.)

  6. we really do it know the situation of why all these horses come to auction. I am sure the cost of having a veterinarian is expensive for some and unfortunately some people do not realize that, when they want to have to horses or any other livestock for that matter 🤔

  7. If enough of us give whatever little bit we can afford, it can add up to something they can really do some good with!
    I'm on a fixed income too but I can give $10, if yall can join me, Tawnee and them will have some money to help these poor animals! Thank you Tawnee, Jason and all the other Horse Plus people for the good you all do. Blessed Be! Feel better!

  8. I think horses are amazing I just don't understand how people could be so cruel I used to own a horse when I was a little girl I was 14 her name was cola if you have a paint and it's a female can you please name her that and if I had the money I gladly donate but I'm on SSI disability ☹️🇺🇸

  9. I hope you guys are able to save the percheron. Would like to have a happy ending for one of these big guys. I have a soft spot for the big ones. Even as a kid I was always picking out the biggest horse in the corral. 😆

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