Auction Round 3 | What To Buy | WoT Blitz

Round three of the auction has started. I’ll guide you through the available tanks and if they are worth the money.

Tier X: T-22 medium and WZ-111 5A
Tier IX: K-91
Tier VIII: T54E2, T26E5, STG Guard, M4 Revalorise, Progetto 46, Skoda T27, SU-130 PM
Tier VII: Tankenstein, Gravedigger, T-44-85

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  1. Yes yes, I know …. Happy 2022, Martin you're early. But I thought auction round 3 would start tomorrow so RIP commentary
    That said, 2000 T-22 mediums sold in first 10 minutes of the auction

  2. MARTIN LOL LOVED THE VIDEO as for acquisitions this round id pick T22 have the others like autoloader tanks sharks ok have the gravedigger and annihilator on different accounts enjoying the BORAT BBQ tank right now gun issues a bit but getting better mobility and firepower as you never know who will be playing or camping happy new year so glad your back its a pleasure watching your show

  3. I never struggled against T22s, if you know what you are doing you can pen it, probably because Tier X heavies can out HP any med at the moment and I mostly play tier X heavies.

  4. I got the Concept 1b and the Svear, I was really pleased with the Svear as it has a nice Alpha for picking off low HP vehicles and the reload isn't to bad and bounce ? Yes we did volks.

  5. No WZ-120-1G FT in auction so I went and spent 57k gold on gold boxes in a desperate attempt to get it in a snowglobe. One of the only tier 8' s I don't own. Guess what? I didn't get it and I'm now broke. 🥺 I mean I could sell one of my many collector tanks for gold but no that's where I draw the line.
    I'm never gambling again.
    It was a dumb idea to begin with.

  6. I got the progetto on top of chimera and emil 1971, and couldn't be happier. To me, a credit grinder must be FUN to play and that's what those tanks are. Emil is more of a heavium than pure heavy, great mobility. At tier VII I have the svear which is a baby chimera, just needs correct equipment to shine, and also I would really advise to revisit the t23e3 because 2800+ dpm with 160 pen without prammo at tier 7 is insane honestly.

  7. I completely missed out on the Skoda (the only one of the batch that I don't currently have) as it and a bunch of others sold out while we in SE Asia/Australasia were asleep. They seem to have dropped and gone pretty much immediately…

  8. I’m not gonna lie, I got the progetto 46 for free from the blitz cup event just cause I liked it better than the other two and i didn’t know til afterwards that it was such a really good and sought after tank

  9. Hello sir and happy new year 2022 and thank you for video. Maybe instart ky own channel soon if wg support and pays to me or somebody? Do you earn well ? Does wg gives fanks to you fo free or discount coupongs, well that 22 mediumaä was sold out before i counted to 10 and bought cold, now i know is good tank. Maybe nezt year aswell cheftain mk6, but i will soon start nornal worlnof tanks, i have mac pro which i payde 6000 euros. Enough power !

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