BARRETT-JACKSON 2021 HOUSTON, TEXAS!! + Inside look at selling cars at auction!

Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 165!
Ever wonder what it’s like to buy and sell cars at a collector car auction?! Well grab your cup of joe and press play to join my team and I for Barrett-Jackson’s Inaugural Auction in Houston, Texas this past weekend.

Cars my team brought & sold…
Lot 399 – 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport Edition Super Jeep Conversion:

Lot 411 – 2021 Black Mountain Jeep Wrangler JL Sport 4×4:

Lot 776 – 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock:

As always, GO FAST, HAVE FUN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!…and thanks for watching!

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  1. Every video I watch from your show gets better & better, you need 2 change your name from just Dennis 2 super duper D collins, u rock & so does your family & friends, never stop believing 🤙👍🤘

  2. Iv got a 64 tiger prototype sent from England to Shelby for testing . Carrol kept it until just proper to his death and sold to his friend bill denbeste.. (I got it from bill) .I have the tiger back in England and have the title in Carroll’s name .. it’s a mk1 with the concealed roof compartment and a louvered bonnet which was part of the testing to disperse the heat .. to me the car is priceless as a piece of history. I bet it’s worth a ton to the right buyer

  3. So the Super Stock Dodge sold for $100k. And I see MSRP is around $60k? That is a good day's work. also, Mrs. Dennis is beautiful. also, the beautiful April Rose that makes an appearance here, on the Barrett-Jackson Houston video was describing a GTO and said ~"I would be a better person if I had this car." That is such a funny and clever line, she should be on all their programs, her spots are pure entertainment.

  4. Nice Tiger,bet that thing is a handful when you have lead in your right foot. See you are selling your Jeeps. I always thought new Jeeps are a big risk as most are just adding stuff thousands of other shops are adding. Personally I don't like Jeeps, never have. Maybe an old classic one if there is such a thing but that market is slim. The only Jeep's I really would ever consider is a Scrambler, I see a few nicer ones around me but what do I know. Just seems the market is so much bigger on Broncos and Blazers. Now even the 2nd gen Broncos are bringing good money, I've had a couple and love them. Good luck with your next venture

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