Bid-Ninja Helps You Win More DealDash and Quibids Penny Auctions

Bid-Ninja (the free penny auction app that has been verified by thousands of happy users) can turn anyone into an elite penny auction winner on online penny auction sites: Dealdash & QuiBids.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or power bidder, Bid-Ninja can help you win more and spend less money on bids! Whether you’ve been playing penny auctions for one week or several years, Bid-Ninja can improve the way you’re bidding online for auction products.

As a fellow “Bid Ninja” we keep you up-to-date on the best (and worst) penny auction sites. You’ll hear rumors of free bidding sites and bidding sites with free bids … Bid-Ninja will help you to sort through what’s real and pure fantasy. In the penny auction niche, Bid-Ninja has been the established authority since 2013!

In this video, you’ll meet Bob. Bob’s been trying to win a new TV on Dealdash, Quibids, & MadBid (unfortunately, MadBid has since gone out of business), but keeps losing out to stiff competition. Each loss means time and money down the drain. Bob thinks to himself, what do they know that I don’t. Do you feel like Bob?

Well, there’s a better way. Bid-Ninja collects data from millions of penny auctions and returns vital, easy to use information right to your computer screen! Now, Bob can see how much each bidder spends, their win rate, the best time to bid on an item, and so much more. It’s like spying on your auction competition.

With BidBuddy, Bid-Ninja’s friendly autobidder, Bob can even win auctions while sleeping. BidBuddy has an easy to use interface that places bids automatically, using Bob’s own strategies!

Now that Bob’s a real Bid-Ninja, he’s much happier! He wins more auctions, saves money, and has more time to do what he wants to do!

Let Bid-Ninja help you BID SMARTER, BID FASTER, and WIN MORE.