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USS Tokyo is one of Japan’s biggest auction houses & you can always find any car you’re looking for there. I show you some JDM cars there for sale & point out problems with them & why you should never trust the auction reports or the people selling them.


  1. Playing in the herse thats so american of you. Insane disrespectful more so because you are white disrespecting their dead and their belliefs around all that. They should ban you from here bcos you are turning off lots of buyers from using this place and you dont buy so they will ban you sooner or later. Especially after the herse bs you just did.

  2. You just hit the same models only anything intresting doesnt get a mention. Tons of the older cars just cos ther not in 2fast you ignore it. The MX5 you call it eunos or miata its stupid. Mx5 Baby Rx7 its perfect call it the Mx5 ffs You aussie not american. Use proper english like aussies do. Also you pretend to want to buy so much but have you actually brought sny?

  3. Looks like nothing but sloppy junk for the lost part and all overpriced! NOT COOL ANYMORE. These cars were cool when you can get a clean one for cheap for a decent deal! Now just forget it.

  4. Hey @SAMMIT. I found info that i need membership ID card to start bidding on USS auctions. To get required ID card i need to be a resident i Japan for at least 1 year – is that true? What dealers can you recommend if i can't bidd by myself?

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