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I visit USS Tokyo to check out some cars for sale & bid on them but come home empty-handed.



  1. So I’m just getting into cars because I’m starting to think they are really cool I’m sort of a late bloomer 15 but whatever what I wanted to ask was can someone tell me how you can tell the r32 r33 and r43 apart it would be cool if I could get help

  2. i think tath red rx7 with the cool bumper is a home made fan replica of the initial d rx7 fd, anything matches from front bumper to the wing and the exhaust

  3. Omg sooooo many fucking cool cars and Oh my fucking god no way you found an 2JZ Toyota Supra that's so fucking cool bro. If I was with my friend there, We would have stayed weeks just to look at all those cars.

  4. If you get a Subaru you’re gonna have a lot of compression rings problems they’ll blow right out and the heads like to go so you have to keep up on the maintenance religiously other than that safe and reliable car especially if it’s the awd edition

  5. A think that subaru is cool 😎 👌 🔰 special edition. Lots of good spec. WRX sticker is the original cool one . Think they used type RA as the rally car , the coupes were too dear, but welded the rear doors closed . Could be entirely wrong. But something stands out about that model

  6. In 1994, Subaru introduced Subaru Tecnica International (STi badged) versions of the WRX in Japan. These models were upgraded from the standard WRX in many categories, including blueprinted performance tuned engines, transmissions, and suspensions. The STi versions of the WRX were immensely successful in rallies and popular among street racers but were only sold in the Japanese market.

    The V3 STi had seen major upgrades as opposed to the prior two variants. Multi-point Injection, a new IHI Turbo allowing more boost to be added, larger intercooler, Molybdenum Piston coating, and revised camshaft timing and lift. This brought the HP and torque numbers up to roughly 280HP and 260lb-ft of torque. The brakes were also made larger to accommodate for the increase in power. An automated spray system was also added to keep the intercooler cool. The 1998 model year called 22 B has the 2.2L with
    Power set @ 300 hp @ 6300 rpm.
    Torque: 267 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm. And only 400 were ever made for Japan only. Collectors have started to scoop those up and many are going for 6 figures. Like $100k to over $300k

  7. When browsing the auction yard, have you considered looking at something other than clapped out Skylines, Silvia's, and Corollas?..
    The couple of videos I've watched, I've found myself going "Oh look, another fkn skyline" while you wet yourself over it..

  8. Buy that subaru and send me the motor that type ra block is worth good money ra block is semi closed deck. But I love the bumper on that rx7 it was so badass. But as for cheap cars in thought my subaru legacy GT limited was a scam guy had paperwork for $23k in parts with mofe new parts in box's way to cheap. I drove 4 hours and actually got what he posted. I was waiting for it to be stolen or something but I got 40k invested in cat now and 500awhp

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