Blake Griffin Opens Boxes of RARE Cards with Goldin Auctions

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  1. You can tell this dude doesn’t love sports, would have been so funny if it was just Blake and pmt crew opening the packs. Pulling cards can’t be fun if you’re not obsessed with the sport lol. Still it’s rad to see cards came back, I thought they were gone for good

  2. This dude is the biggest tool in the hobby. Love how he just drops the expensive cards on the table so the corners get dinged like a fucking idiot as well. The only guy less liked is Sport's Card Investor. Get someone else to do this, anyone else.

  3. I legitimately feel bad for Blake lol. Dude just looks like he isnt having fun at times. Ken is possibly the worst person to have one for this opening lol. I get why he is here, but pleaseeeeee get someone else on to open these cards. Anyone else

  4. I like Ken he's done some great things for the hobby but it's sad when Blake is a better breaker than him lol. Big Cat needs to stop interrupting every second I mean chill tf out bro 😅..

  5. Card guy with the low blow on Oden, wtf dude. He totally got me too, because a young Oden card being valuable actually makes sense to me given how iconic he was as a college player.

  6. The value of these cards makes no sense to me. Like I’m a Steph Curry fan but his cards being worth like 100x of other NBA legends gold cards is bizarre (Pau, KG) I guess because they’re Steph rookie cards but still the whole valuation deal is whacked IMO.

    Blake is so funny, he and PFT carried this vid.

    Card opener guy sucks, is blind, can’t read, and hardly recognizes the players.

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