Boat Auction: Buy a boat for cheap!

Public boat auction in Long Beach, California. Dreaming of buying a used boat for a few bucks? A boat auction is a great place. This gives you an insight on the condition of the used boats you might find. Yeah, I am a bit biased toward sailboats. In fact, though not video, one of the best deals was a $8 purchase on a 50ft sedan powerboat. It did have one, of two, engines that was bad. Great deals and lots of fun to go to. Clips are from 2018 and 2019


  1. So the issue here is having to get it away from that dock within a certain timeframe and having somewhere to put it. And the the real work begins of fixing years and years of neglect. He said that Morgan that went for about $5K later sold for $40K but how many 10s of thousands of dollars were put into getting it habitable and in good condition and how much yard time had to be paid to get it done? I think it's an amazing concept but in Cali where mooring and marina space is at a premium I can see why these boats sell for next to nothing.

  2. Damn I'm missing out! I'll be there next year with four dimes one quarter and seven nickels for that sailboat.

  3. How could I fine some more information on this auction? I live in Long Beach. Could you message me at your earliest convenience. I’d really appreciate it !

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  5. Those boats for a dollar are nice but try to rid yourself of it and see what a disposal fee is.

  6. Hi All, Many have asked, the next auction is July 10th 2021 Alamitos bay, Long Beach, CA at 9am. Search: City of Long Beach Boat auction. Boat Auction (

  7. Really liked your video. I’m hoping to be able to get one of these boats reasonably priced soon. Onelove ❤️💛💚

  8. why are you not showing us the boats like if they are sealing one boat just show us that boat onlyyyyyyyyy we dont want to see other thing

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