Bonhams MPH May auction LIVE

Watch some incredible metal cross the block at Bonhams MPH’s May sale. Cars on offer today include a stunning Aston Martin DB6, a sparkling Datsun 270Z and a lovely Lotus Esprit.

You can find the full catalogue here:

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  1. I finally gave up at 2:48:43 when the audio and video had been out of sync for several lots. Damn shame, too, as the sales had been quite interesting until that point, a little more than halfway through…

  2. Whats the point of having posh skinny boring knob and simply super ya yar birdy, he makes my teeth itch 😬 slime ball n I can read the brochure Bettina.Zzzzz

  3. Those 2 presenters are absolutely clueless and are both a waste of time. Auction would have been done an hour earlier without these two imbeciles

  4. Good avent as ever shame about the wrong car being shown without the bids displayed correctly I think the commentary went out of sync around lot 90 onwards and spoilt the a auction

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