Buying a $700 Auction Bike, Fixed it in 30 minutes

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Bought a $200 Auction motorcycle, Can we fix it

I had ONLY 8 hours to buy the CHEAPEST running motorcycle Online

BOUGHT a $300 AUCTION motorcycle, got it RUNNING in 4 minutes

BOUGHT a $175 AUCTION Motorcycle, Can I fix it ?



  1. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find a good cruiser for a reasonable price? I'm disabled Law Enforcement, I live in Colorado and have soooooo many places to ride. I sold my Harley Electraglide to move here and haven't ridden in 7 years… now being disabled I have the opportunity to ride everyday but can't find a cheap enough bike. Any help would be appreciated 🙏

  2. That Vstar 950 is legitimately my buddys old bike!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 thank you for shit talking him!! He was so proud of that rattle can paint job!!! Please contact me so I can put you in touch with him because this made all of our day!!!!

  3. I have a 86 voyager 1200 with 10,700 miles on it. The faring was broke on the left hand side. Pulled all that stuff off and its now a basic custom bike. I bought some nice aftermarket lights for it, all led. Its a great bike and there isnt another in my town that I know of.

  4. Id trade a fresh made hand tossed piza from my work and a couple of cuban sandwiches for this one, but i dont have a way to get to yall or enough time off work to get up there lol

  5. Hello, I can trade you the answers to the meaning of life. I am not joking, I never joke about free motorcycles, or the meaning of life. I never offer this info, but I like you, and you seem to be a good guy, so why not. I can be there right now. I am in Arizona at this moment.

  6. 4.5mins in and I can't stop laughing.
    I have a question though if anyone can answer it'd be appreciated; If a 125 CBT bike is looked after, serviced, not roasted every trip etc, how many years do you tend to get before expensive problems start to show up, and what's the first likely expensive repair say within the first 5yrs?

  7. I bought one of these for 500 bucks it was missing the radio saddle bag lids and the back speaker that are supposed to be on the back trunk I fixed it up and only got 1200 for it great bike tho

  8. Those screws were not stripped because they were probably serviced using a proper JIS screwdriver instead of a Philips. Philips screwdrivers looks right but don't actually fit properly on any Japanese motorcycles because they use JIS screw heads.

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