Buying a Flood Destroyed Dodge Viper at Salvage Auction

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We travel to a South Florida Copart Salvage Auto Auction to pick up a Flood Salvage Dodge Viper SRT10. It has very low mileage but is a gamble as we’re not sure what could be wrong with it. Sometimes these are an easy fix, but they can be a complete disaster.

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  2. Flush everything with distilled water , when I did high end industrial electric repairs I pressure washed everything first with distilled waster

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  4. here is the problem tho….you can NEVER register that vehicle and drive it on the road legally…atleast in my province you can NEVER NEVER re register or safety car that has been total loss due to water damage. there only good for parts.

  5. Let me tell you something! Because i live near the coast! A car with flooded with salt water is a no no real BIG!! In fact cars that live near the coast tend to last lesser tha normal cars!! Because of the salty weather!!

  6. Punta gorda doesnt mean "fat bitch" that will be puta gorda! Punta gorda means "fat tip" 😂😂😂 or tip/end of something!!

  7. For sale through E-Bay soon, just cleaned inside and out, slight body damage. No obvious issues.

  8. Haven't seen your videos in a while so I checked your channel and much to my surprise I was unsubscribed though no fault of my own

  9. Unless these are going to shoot up in value 100%, this is a parts car. I wouldn't touch a fresh water flood car, never mind a salt water flood car. There will be constant issues with this car until the end of time, if it were to get up and running again.

  10. I’m Here in Houston which is the flood capital of the world, had 2 cars underwater for 2 days , river water from tropical weather . A 69 mustang with a 79 trans am park next too it ,both were saved , your methods are very much spot on , clean , evacuate, repeat . Electrical items will need replacing , brakes gone through , testing it out afterwards . Not many people care enough or have the experience so these most desirable cars go to the bone yard . Glad you are patient , It’s a virtue.

  11. I helped rebuild a D6 dozer that was under water for a week in a river.
    Sand was EVERYWHERE even filled the engine cylinders right to the top!
    It was like new when we were done with it!

  12. I just noticed but couldn't help but laugh at the radio. That is the exact same one that was in my cheap 03 dodge stratus coupe. I think its the same temp controls as a sebring, key fob is same for sure.

  13. Even if this thing gets running, paying 26k for this car still does not make sense because it will have a branded title due to flood damage which diminishes its inherit value

  14. Even the copart employees must hate this clown. Practically walked under the loader ffs

  15. I think it would be super cool to turn it into a super kart. You can sell off the valuable body parts to fund getting the motor fixed and maybe even some upgrades along the way. You could call it something like the PitViper. At the end of the day its still a wrecked flooded salvage title car so might as well do something fun and unique.

  16. Shouldn't have drained it until it was at the engine builders shot, the second you drain it rust sets in

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