1. Precisely why computers should be banished from anything with wheels! $4000 computer to do the job of a simple mechanical valve. Bonus with simple mechanical systems is the inability to attach needless nanny crap. Better yet a clutch pedal and a stick through the floor and it will always be in whatever gear you choose!

  2. That looks like an intermittent ECU problem. Cold spray will cause that glitch to work, while the ECU component is COLD. Sadly, Cat, Deere, IH all of 'em want way too much $ for too little.

  3. I've never heard Andrew get frustrated. When something doesn't go together properly or he's contorted every which way and something slips out of his hand he never freaks out. I at the very least will tell the component it's a son of a bitch or something. Maybe speaking to inanimate objects just makes me insane…and Andrew is completely sane.

  4. Andrew, I have a Porsche 911, it has a Bosch ECU. My top was leaking during a bad storm and the drivers side was flooded inside, where the ECU is under the seat…a p-wrench friend took it apart and cleaned the contacts and tracers up and it worked perfect since…Porsche also wanted a lot for the ECU. I have owned several Caterpillar machines and the parts are not cheap by any means, and in many cases Cat doesn't have the parts anymore either. This is to say, open your ECU, clean it all up and look for any obvious corrosion, you might find you don't need that hot wire anyway…but touche' on the fix, it works.

  5. What are the odds it’s a voltage issue? Not sure if it was on a charger prior to “fixing” itself, but seems like when it had a good charge it was working properly.

  6. hey, I'm from Germany and I think it's great what you're doing, we're so free from the rules sometimes not like you. Just one thing, why don't you clean the truck before the repair? THANK YOU Great channel.

  7. Andrew, how much did you pay for the thing originally anyways? For a minute there I was getting excited thinking you were going to be able to fix that too!?!! you win some and you lose some I suppose… not like we would expect you to have the software that CAT does to diag something like that!

  8. The locking pin was $1?? That's cheap
    The idea that you could go to a store and buy that thing is so strange to me
    Life is much easier and smoother in the US.. Missing something? go and buy it
    Not looking for it online for ever, then waiting for months to arrive, paying customs and taxes and shipping, for it to be the wrong one

  9. The Bed raise & lower handle has to be in the FLOAT POSITION or it will NOT power up the 2nd gear solenoid! As for the ECM, they are common & if you find a used one you need to flash the old one & then flash the new one to match. Software updates are not really necessary. Some will say that it is but then you run into further issues! You turn the master switch off to attempt to reset the trans. The ECM has a internal battery & it could be getting weak causing this! It's common on the 725-740-740B & the T4R the solenoids are the issue! WHY because there are 4 total & they are sticking causing the ECM to pick up a error code signal! Cheap Fix!

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