Buying Abandoned RangRover , Mercedes, Audi From Copart Auction


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Auction Date : on Sunday Bahrain and Oman
Monday salvages (Crashed) in UAE
Tuesday used vehicles in Uae

For registration you can Contact: 044592354

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  1. doesn't worthn it i would rather buy 2nd hand because they were drive safely while abandon cars dont have much service time left becasue they are in sunlight from years

  2. Pakistan mein gadi import karne se acha mein koi engineering ki degree le Lon or phir apni gadi bna Lon muje zada sasta phare ga.

  3. Just wanna say don't be fooled by these (auctions yards). Most auctions will end with 70% of used car price. You'll end up spending shit tons of money just to restore it. It's simply a trap.

  4. Abe gadhe ko ewsful Jankari to di Nahin Kahane Bina Tuti Hui gadi kaise kharidte hain video mein batana chahie discription Mein Kabhi gand maraenge

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