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Another one! I bought another car from Japans biggest Auction USS Tokyo. But this was an absolute bargin! Watch to find out how I got a car for over $10,000 cheaper than normal!


  1. Bruh red stripe on those evos don’t mean they TME and sngf just means it’s a gsr version and sndf is rs version

  2. Is this a once in a year auction? There's no way they have all those cool cars that often, like in a weekly or monthly auction right?

  3. I own a Mazdaspeed 3 1st gen which is at 11:28 in ur video, but just like you ignore it… it is usually overlooked, it's a very handy daily car , and powerful, but FF and yeah maybe too "regular"… I admit I miss those coupessss from the 90s. Could spend the day looking at those silvia/ MR2 / Supra / Miata / Z / RX7 etc… <3

  4. Where do they get all these cars from bro like your telling me evrybody in Japan gets these cars and have hella money to customize them and then just end up here?

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