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I head to one of the big USS Auctions in Japan to bid on some JDM cars! While I’m there I check out some really nice cars for sale!


  1. “Do not touch this car” where I live I driver cars and trucks that don’t have floors and he’s worried about alittle tiny rust

  2. Me who just Love cars because of Initial D have 0 understanding of this dude saying😅 but sure he love what he doing

  3. The makeshift song additonally exist because dock inexplicably trace with a erect leaf. craven, foregoing zoology

  4. You guys never heard of the midnight club in Japan. They had gtrs with quad turbos pushing over 1200hp back 20 years ago

  5. This guy knows nothing about cars the Mercedes is the strongest car there with a straight six and twin zenith carbs

  6. Your voice fuck me its do much to bare with these videos duuuude. You talk so much with dude here dude there, you're not one of those soft voices that are nice to listen to

  7. 6:53 can anybody tell me what the hype about those where in the 90s and what are they called and can I still buy one today

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