Buying CHEAP Sports Cars At Copart SALVAGE AUCTION | Dream 911 Turbo!?

I’m back on the road at Copart Salvage Auction to buy a few good totaled sports cars for LeeC Parts! I’m traveling the Northeast USA looking for the best deals I can find and I may have just found my DREAM Porsche 911 Turbo…

From C7 Corvette Z06’s flattened like pancakes, to destroyed Dodge Charger Hellcats to some insane BMW M2’s and M3’s, Copart in Hartford, CT has it all!

Let me know in the comments which ones we should buy and of course, which ones YOU want to buy!

Have a Salvage Auction or Salvage Rebuild story of your own? Be sure to share!


See a car for sale that you think we’d be interested in? Wrecked, Blown up, Abandoned Projects and well… anything interesting! Want to see it in a video? Tag me in (or send me) the listing! If you’re the first to send it to us and we end up buying it, I’ll send you $100!

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