1. Buyee are scamming customers on their "protective packaging" service. They will charge you the fee but not doing anything.

    This has happened many times to me. I requested a set of photos before adding protective packaging, and another set of photos after adding. They are exactly the same!! No change of weight at all!!

    On their freight, they overcharge for shipping.

    Buyers beware.

  2. I use buyee a good bit.

    Just bought a psp 3000, with the box and a few games.
    (Monster hunter p3, and 2 ff games) The items were 43$ and with shipping, conversion and the such, final price ended up a mere 55$

    Of course, I went for the cheapest shipping though, and it will take 2 weeks to arrive, but still way cheaper than what you'd pay on ebay

  3. Thank you for this video, now I can buy things I've been looking at on yahoo auction for months! Gonna have Transbang to ship my parcels to my place this time. I'd only bought things from Amazon JP before, now that I learnt how to buy from auction, hopefully Transbang will not hate me for buying so many things and make them pack all my items LOL http://bit.ly/2O2vPXf

  4. Also, try to avoid "Gaming" proxy services. A lot will KEEP your found "bargain" items and refund your money, then sell that item on eBay. (Essentially using you to find good items for resale).

  5. Hi obsolete Geek, very nice video man. However, I need to talk to you because I've found a PCB that I was looking for in a Japanese Yahoo auction site and I still have some doubts. How can I contact you in private to talk about it? Thank you! Roger

  6. very good video thank you. I had no idea Japan wasn't on ebay.

    they really pushed for China exposure, which I still can't understand how they can ship an iPhone cable for $1 total (incl. the new cable)

  7. Really glad you did this video. I've looked into buying from Yahoo Japan Auctions for a long time, but did not realise there were broker services. Could you recommend the proxy you use just as an initial reference? Thanks.

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