1. Star bucks makes the name wrong because people put it on there story so people will come and test it and they dont have to pay for adds

  2. Military grade just means the cheapest/lowest bid for the job that still appears to function at least once. Tbh SEMA ready and military grade have more in common than most people think.

  3. Hey got a h1 hummer for sale but it's not like the rest this model is a stretch limo hummer with pool hot tub bathroom and kitchen so it's pretty much a winobego

  4. ”ok you know what , screw the hummer . Tell this guy to pull over , thats what i want ”
    me to

  5. Ima send all the hate to the person that scammed him, comment agree if you hate the person that scammed him

  6. People: "yea it's military grade"
    Me knowing military grade means it's held together by tape or someone from e5 or below invented new ways to either use it properly or to just make it usable.

  7. idc what that engine is I wont call it a Diesel the engine is so small my farts have more power

  8. Lol you guy's are funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just found out your channel.

  9. How have I only just found your channel now ? I watch and sub to loads of content like yours, but you make great videos and content and you are so entertaining and hilarious.

  10. Back in the early 90's a guy in Wickliffe Ohio under the name Active Power was buying surplus H1 hoods and building the rest of the body using whatever 4×4 chassis he had available until the government found out and put a stop to it

  11. Why didn't you say how much the thing sold for , I hate when you tubers act scared to say prices

  12. You want a HumVee.
    Go check out the Life is A DYI Electric ⚡️ Conversion Series of videos on Utube.
    Bet you can’t do that!!

  13. Soo what did it sell for? This is the 1st video I've seen of yours and I liked it. But if you are gonna end em with a bummer just like the fake hummer. I can't watch

  14. Every vid I see of him he be turning on a car that hasn’t been on for months 😭😭😭 love this

  15. State road Philadelphia pa 19135 guy has a whole lot can’t miss it next to a strip club

  16. These good old days before covid man just having fun getting kicked out at s bucks like the best place Lol
    Keep it up wesen best vids ever

  17. I'm just curious how much water has gotten in the motor cuz everything under the hood attached to the motor has rust on it in the spots that can rust

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