1. Military grade just means the cheapest/lowest bid for the job that still appears to function at least once. Tbh SEMA ready and military grade have more in common than most people think.

  2. People: "yea it's military grade"
    Me knowing military grade means it's held together by tape or someone from e5 or below invented new ways to either use it properly or to just make it usable.

  3. How have I only just found your channel now ? I watch and sub to loads of content like yours, but you make great videos and content and you are so entertaining and hilarious.

  4. Back in the early 90's a guy in Wickliffe Ohio under the name Active Power was buying surplus H1 hoods and building the rest of the body using whatever 4×4 chassis he had available until the government found out and put a stop to it

  5. Soo what did it sell for? This is the 1st video I've seen of yours and I liked it. But if you are gonna end em with a bummer just like the fake hummer. I can't watch

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