Car auction live bidding looking for a Bargain £££

Working at our fully equipped workshop in Kent we carry out tasks including Panel beating, Body work, Mig Welding, Sheet metal Spot Welding, Fabrication, Chassis Repairs, Sand Blasting, Engine and Mechanical repairs, Reconditioning, Restoration and Structural repairs on the Celette Jig Dozer frame machine.

We do hope you enjoy this video and Check out our other videos on all kinds of vehicles including Barn finds, Quick flips, First wash, Repairs, Salvage, Restorations, Will it run, Accident damaged, Cat S, Cat N, Cat X Copart Auction bargains, Non Runner and anything else that arrives at the #Salvagerebuildsuk workshop. #RobandChris

We do receive quite a few questions regarding tools and equipment that we use for various jobs. Unfortunately there is too many to list but some of the brands we use include Snap-on, Blue-point, Makita, Sealey, Clark, Esab and Sykes-Pickavant.
If you are interested in a specific tool, please put your question in the comments section of the relevant video.

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  1. Looking for a car for the misses, trying not to be sexist, then pans away from the Range Rovers to a Fiat 500 :). Youtube complaining about obscene language..LOL..Youtube is the biggest portal for obscenity on the internet.

  2. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed the auction section. Doing my A Levels, decades ago… I couldn't decide between becoming an auctioneer, barrister or social anthropologist. Didn't do any of these, though did do law…. I'd still love to be an auctioneer, so thank you for bringing this video!!

  3. Loving the channel so much I'm now going through the archives! Just a thought, and I know tou can spot re-paints at a glance, but a paint micrometer is shirt buttons to buy 😀

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