1. Beautiful swords, I am a sucker for anything with a stag handle, got one on my walking stick, can you do more about hunting swords some time in the future, they seem like a forgotten weapon with a completely different design and purpose to military swords methinks.

  2. lot number 105 in this vid, did you do a review on that ever?
    intreasting way the fuller diverts to one edge near the top of blade

  3. Matt, great job, lovely stuff. Can´t wait to see more… I wish I could fly to London for this one, but we´ll have to wait for another chance 🙂

  4. The grind on the blade at 6:15 is pretty sweet. I dont think I have seen it done like that before. Beautiful hunting swords. You are one lucky guy, Matt.

  5. Hey, I have a question: if I wanted a German gothic longsword for use and not decoration, where would I get that?

  6. Could you do a video of ancient propellant beside black powder , I heard that saw dust and other stuff was used sometimes. I think it would be a interesting video.

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