Colin Kaepernick Documentary Compares NFL Draft to Slave Auction

Colin Kaepernick is at the center of a controversy sparked by a scene in his new Netflix documentary. The former NFL player compares the league’s draft process to the slave auction block, and some are in disbelief. The NFL Combine happens every February; prospective players are invited to do a week of skills tests, as well as submit to physical measurements. Kaepernick compared the poking and prodding in those examinations as leaving “no boundary respected, no dignity intact.”


  1. He's not saying football is the new slavery. He's saying that the culture and systems in place during slavery is still around today. Case in point, there's been a push to alter football due to safety reasons; brain injuries, but this has been denied because the football players, most Black, bring in the revenue. Football is a system of profit over people, power, and oppression just like how slavery was back then.

  2. Because nothing says oppression like being rich and famous for playing a game that we played as kids and dreamed of doing professionally

  3. Do you know what Colin Kaepernick, Nike, LeBron James and the NBA all have in common. They all make money off of current slave labor. Slavery is bad unless it's in China and one of these hypocrites can make a dollar off it.

  4. I didn't know the Columbine was only for black people huh but i also have never watched foozball b4 im like bobys mom i think foozball is the devil

  5. You can mirror this to the me2 movement. Ppl criticizing “now that you made it you want to speak up” NO it’s because we’re in the position we’re at is the reason we should speak up because you would of bin black balled if you spoke up on the way to the top. ✊🏽

  6. Do white players go through the same process at the combine …. Yes they do I feel this is alot of the problem there's real racial injustices and hate/crime everyday to bring it into something that bring people together I disagree with I'm all about it unity

  7. I’m just now seeing this. But he is wrong for comparing these two different things. These athletes bust their ass to have a chance at going pro in the sport they love and making great money. You can’t compare that to slavery bruh 🙄.

  8. the more I read about this guy the more I like him, he has a valid point there is racism in institutions that should not have any fear or favour of that poison 🙌

  9. A bit dramatic overrepresentation to be honest but I think the only similar comparison is between most NFL team owners being White and the players not having much of a voice and they're replaceable. That's about it. Them being looked at for their athleticism, I don't agree with with "slavery". What does this have to do with slavery? Lol. He or anyone in modern day didn't even have to go through slavery. That's in the past. Modern day didn't even suffer

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