Copart Walk Around 1-7-22 + $550 2011 Ford Mustang!!

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  1. If I had to pick between a 2011 3.7 V6 mustang or 2010 GT, definitely going to go with the 3 valve V8 even if it costs more. I just prefer a V8 lol. Nothing wrong with people who get the V6

  2. i have a 2016 durango and when i hit a deer and had to replace the hood fender headlights bumper radiator ac condenser wireharness for the sensors and headlights it cost $6,500 and that was just damage from a deer it was in the shop for 2 months the headlights are expensive

  3. Randy at the end of the day you don't need to justify yourself to anyone regarding the CRANKING issue it's not rocket science iff they had 1/2 a brain they would understand that iff it cranks it gives you a fighting chance to save the engine than a one that's locked up your looking at engine out and either rebuild or throwing another one in simples rea

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