Copart Walk Around 1-7-22 + Super Cheap Ford F150!

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  1. Hey Randy..please show more Ford Rangers, Nissan Frontiers and Chevy Colorados. They would make great and affordable projects to REBUILD on your channel. How come you did not show us the MayBach that was in the background of one of your previous videos?

  2. That body style/era on the Ford F150 was a good design…just had a poor run with that Triton. From my understanding, the very first Tritons we're extremely reliable hitting almost 500k. But how they managed to screw up everything after the first six months is beyond me. As you said, chain guide issues , cam phaser issues and the ever present spark plug failure is what plagued the triton series so very badly
    One thing for certain, kept their dealerships in the black.

  3. Hey Randy. Don't know if you tried it but the hail dings can sometimes be popped out. In the hot sun take a ziplock bag of ice and put it on the ding and it may pop out.

  4. Something has to be wrong with this ford it’s too nice. If i had the money I’d put a ecoboost in this ford truck. Like the dart but i think it’s too much. Like these Ford Edge think it has a 3.5 V6! Bummer you couldn’t get the hood open

  5. Hi Randy, I really enjoy your videos although you seem to be very cautious lately with the cars you view. There’s always going to be an element of risk and gamble while buying a used high mileage car from an auction and sometimes it’s a risk worth taking! Would be really nice to see you rebuild a car over the course of a few episodes!

  6. Hey Randy … can you make a video explaining different types of engines .bc I often hear you saying this engin is good and that engin is bad. So we get some background information based on your experiences. Thank you

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