Copart Walk Around 7-22-21 + Motorcycles!!!

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  1. Come on mate how long have you been on the needle give it up mate shows in your work bro try to only use on the weekend

  2. The Triumph is a 1050 Speed Triple, not a 10 Speed 50 Triple. It's got six gears, just like the rest of them!

  3. I enjoyed the content for sure I really like that Mercedes it's very practical That could be a good deal there!

  4. Thank you for another great walk around. Wait to see what project comes next. I like the red bike looks awesome. The triumph bike looks good also never seen a 10 speed.

  5. The youtube algorithm is doing you dirty, had to go to your channel page and scroll halfway down to see your newest video

  6. Randy and his red vehicles. Doesnt matter if its a car, SUV, Motorcycle, etc. If it's red… Randy will like it!

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