Copart Walk Around and Live Bidding – I Found my new Truck!! 11-24-21 PM

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  1. Randy, do not buy a new truck in wait of the repairs of you're truck. This truck is perfect for you're needs right now. The problems it has will be great content.

  2. you need to start collecting all the loose change you find save it up throughout the year or years even and you'll have a tidy amount.

  3. Revive the Ram.. remove that emblem off of the steering wheel or you'll eat it in an accident.. air bag will send it into your face.

  4. Maybe the truck couldn't pass a rebuild inspection leaving it with a salvage title? Maby after they realized it couldn't be put back on the road they just donated it.

  5. Im pretty sure that 4.7 ram probably already had the timing stuff an all done at that mileage so it be pretty good im sure

  6. Nothing wrong with the magnum if you maintain it same with trans and transfer case. Ide buy the truck eben in current condition it could be a quick flip. But ide get it and make it a tow pig.

  7. No! These Dodge Rams are questionable trucks unless you unless you get the hemi. Transmissions are trash. My suggestion, Kick it to the curb.

  8. I don't like the 47 neither I bought a truck the motor blew up in it I bought another motor used put it in it blew then I took one of them and rebuilt it it blew up took the two motors made one it ran for 2 years and then it blew up so the truck for scrap

  9. I love Subura Forester, but they are have bad air conditioner. After 5 to 6 years they just go bad. Plus they get new head gaskets at every 120k

  10. The radiator on the truck looks bent that's why that grill has been changed. Carfax will probably shows that truck is actually been wrecked.

  11. The ram may have a engine you don’t personally like but they are a good engine. It’s kinda one of them when there good there good and bad when bad. It sounded good so I would say you don’t really have to worry about it. The transmission yes could be a problem but picking up a used one and having it put in should be under a grand. Honestly that tuck will do everything you need it to do. You probably will be surprised how well it does. Get the option code and see what gear is in it.

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