Dealer Only Auction Day – Flipping $400 until I can Afford a Ferrari – Flying Wheels

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  1. Acura tl's always have their seats ripped like that that's the one downfall of them That is the generation you want though you should get good money out of that

  2. I always have a chuckle when you talk about how good Jeep's are mechanically. They are a total joke in Australia and New Zealand, they have a terrible reputation amongst the 4wd community.

  3. I keep looking at the 3/4 ton not the Bentley. Then is see a red one and I go 👀. Searching 5 months for a 1/2 and a 3/4 has me blind so anything else. Thought after finding both Id be good. NOPE 😂

  4. I tried flipping cars but I have a serious problem when it comes to selling them! I fall in love with them and can't part with it!

  5. It must be nice to just look at any car rolling threw the auction can say , yup I'll take it! But at the same time I gotta respect that your responsible for making that happen. You hussled your way to the top and nothing was given to you. Nice job, I'm jealous

  6. such a shame no one knows how to drive manuals anymore.. here in germany pretty much everyone learns to drive manual, crazy how different it is in the us

  7. I used to work in the car business, best way to make money at the auctions is to pull fuses and nobody will bid it up with all the lights on.

  8. id take a 2500 dollar loss to have a bentley for a while, i mean this is to make $ but you also used it personally and turned down 30k multiple times after paying under 25k

  9. I like when they get the car for 1000 that was under water for a week, taking it cleaning it selling it for 10.

  10. what kind of POS sales his wife's vehicle without contacting her? sounds like the guy that would give his girlfriend's SUV to his wife…. dirtbag.

  11. You are the 1st person I ever heard say that they don't like toyota.😂 Im from South Africa, here we love Toyota, mainly Toyota Hilux

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