EXTENDED 2020 Silverstone Auctions NEC Classic auction preview. 13 extra cars featured!

This is the extended version of my preview of the Silverstone Auctions live online auction on the 13th and 14th November, featuring 13 more cars over last week’s auction preview. With over 150 cars up for grabs in the two days sale, with some real stars in the catalogue. Hope you enjoy this video!

A charity lot has also been added to this auction;
All funds (sale of the car + premium) will be going charity, specifically Sporting Bears which are usually at The NEC Classic Motor Show.


  1. That was really enjoyable. I love the 6r4. Animal. Nice to see that the highest value in that room. Every car there is special. Some reasonable prices too. Thanks for the walk around.

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  6. 29:53 – The colour on that off-white/almost beige 964 is so fitting, i dont know why. Bordeaux/maroon full interior should go hand in hand.

  7. I can`t believe how quick the last 50 minutes went. Excellent video Harry. Cheers to you for remembering cars of our youth with such love and respect. More please!

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