Farm auction at a RARE old old farmstead

come with me in the Doc as we head to an auction in Towanda Kansas 100 year old plus farmstead and not a single item has left this place till today’s auction several tractor sold and some very interesting old equipment come enjoy the day with us


  1. I always get excited to go to an equipment auction. Have since I was a kid. Lot of fun and the stories you hear from others. It is a wealth of knowledge walking around those places, usually, once you weed out most of the BS.

  2. I hope all that beautiful old national infrastructure gets well cared for. It is so sad to think these were where our food used to come from. I hope they keep on running and working.

  3. Does any know how wide this auction was advertised. I think that may have affected the prices realized. I also am wondering how COVID19 may have impacted attendance especially for those who may have normally traveled in search of the type of the merchandise offered at this auction.

  4. I grew up on a 1400 acre Michiganistan farm. My grandfather owned an Allis Chalmers dealership in the 30s and 40s and farmed, but we did not end up with Chalmers equipment. My father went the John Deere route. At least 80% of the farm stuff you showed, our family farmed with it. I was drafted in '67, sent to Vietnam '68, and blown up by the GD evil government people. I'm a NEW subscriber. Eaglegards from Texas…

  5. Four and $500 I though those tractors we’re going kinda cheap myself, then then again it would probably be hard to get replacement parts for them, Cool old equipment man thanks for the video

  6. I thought a lot of the tractors went pretty cheap. In my neck of the woods any way. Looked like alot of non runners though. The 5000 was cheap and I thought the 70 diesel as well as the M was too. Maybe issues I couldn’t see.

  7. Wow Dave ,I knew you were a huge man but, when I saw where the head rest on the truck seat was at. I was stunned. Please Do not take this comment the wrong way as I have sons that are 6’7” so I know how big a man you are. The auction was a good one, with a bit of T L C. A fellow could get started pretty good for a few thousand dollars doing grain. Yes about 5 thousand from what I saw . Thanks for the ride.

  8. I just posted 2 videos of an auction that I went to here in Iowa last summer. It was a huge collection of classic tractors collected by one woman who had been a tractor mechanic. my wife used to work with her. Most were in tremendous shape. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I was thinking the same about the Ford 5000.. The Crawler went for a little ovr what I expected, but with a bad transmission it was hardly worth that, was it?

  10. The moment that camera eyed that VAC I knew where it was going. One of the most powerful little tractors I ever saw. Congratulations . Question : Is there much demand out there for 100 – 150 bu manure spreaders and pull type combines similar to that AC All Crop? I agree. The sellers should feel pretty good about what their stuff was bringing . Clearly at the high end of the price range.

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