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*****2022 Schedule of Showcase and Signature Auctions*****

June 30 Pioneers of Home Video Games Summer Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: PASSED

2022 August 5 – 6 Video Games Signature Auction
–Consignment Deadline: PASSED

August 18 Sixth Generation and Beyond Summer Video Games Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 7/7/2022

September 1 The Wide World of Sports Video Games Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 7/21/2022

September 15 Pioneers of Home Video Games Fall Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 8/4/2022

October 6 The Ages of Sega Video Games Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 8/25/2022

November 4 – 5 Video Games Signature Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 9/14/2022

November 17 Sixth Generation and Beyond Fall Video Games Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 10/6/2022

December 8 Original Art Showcase Auction
–Consignment Deadline: 10/27/2022

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  1. I'm done with heritage auctions. Shady pieces of sh*ts. Sending me a loose game without telling me or mentioning it in the page description. Also, I got overbid on an item, and then they relisted it a week after without giving me a solid reason. So shady. Do not deal with them.

  2. Dylan, it's nice to have you back. OMG bro did you pick the perfect 3 week window to get out of Dodge and see the world and forget about everything else! What a crapstorm June has been. Sorry though about Covid, surprised to see it had such a drain on you as you are young and in great shape. Seems like 90%+ of the healthy millenials/Gen-Z shake it off with minor symptoms at worst. Guess you got unlucky.

    I got a very large amount of sealed PC big box games I may want to consign with HA just biding my time as interest in PC big box picks up. I have not graded any of them yet though as VGA grade prices seem high still I wish they would come down some. I'm wondering if HA has a similar partnership with VGA like they do with Wata where you consign ungraded PC big box to HA and they do the work to get them graded with VGA before auction them off? Do they charge extra fees to do that beyond the grading fees VGA or Wata charge?

    Also yes for PC big box collecting it is much preferred to own PC version rather than Macintosh in 99% of cases. Same with Amiga/C64, etc PC version is almost always preferred.

  3. Congrats on the partnership with Heritage!! Well deserved brotha!! I loved that you looked up the Marvel character Elektra! hahahahhahahaha Good to have you back!

  4. According to Wikipedia, the first Splinter Cell sold 1.178 Million copies and it is a franchise I absolutely loved. Surely no GTA or NFS but I was a bit shocked by the low auction prices those two achieved, which is barely the past retail price plus grading fees. Any further opinion on games in that range? Hitman or Metal Gear are the next that come to my mind…thanks in advance and congratulations on your contract with Heritage 🙂 Keep up the great work and greetings from Germany😊

  5. Already back at it! I got my first set of games back from Wata, and like most people, I have no idea what they are doing. I had one game I bought directly from the publisher and stored in a case get a 9.4, with absolutely nothing wrong, and another that had a dimple on the plastic get a 9.8. Not sure how many have been graded since, but I might be holding the highest graded copy of Blazing Lazers — granted, only two on the report, but I'm taking what I can get.

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