Fundraising auctions are a TEAM sport, not an individual competition

I had a client who had a great auction in year #1 of working with them, but year #2 was … blah. The auction wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t hit where it should have, given the big gains of year #1.

In my estimation, the reason for the change came down to one thing: Resting on one’s laurels. Instead of putting forth the same effort they did in year #1, the client took the attitude that since the auction was so much better in year #1, I would lead it to the same success in year #2.

But it doesn’t exactly work that way.

Sure, your auctioneer is absolutely making a difference. He or she is *contributing* to your success. Whatever you’ve planned, that auctioneer will take what you’ve got and run with it!

But as the auctioneer, I’d estimate that I’m the final 20 meters of a 400-meter relay race. The other 380 meters is the gala team’s hard work.

If the other 380 meters is weak, there’s nothing I can do to make up ground in the final 20 meters.

In this video, I talk about a handful of elements that need to have some attention before the auctioneer arrives.

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