Google Ads Tutorials: How the Search ad auction works

Learn how the Google Ads auction works and what you need to do in order to improve your position or reduce your CPC.

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  1. How to Improve the Expected Click Through Rate , I have Tried Everything from Writing to Better Ad Content to Using Ad Extensions and More. Yet Still it always says Your Excepted CTR is Below Average. Can you Help on this …

  2. More transparency on this Ad Extension ranking/impact is necessary as this connected to the price of ads and ranking etc. So is a financial transaction you force customers to enter into blindly so we are open to possible abuse at times. Like a Financial Credit Score, these rankings need to be more readily available to the advertiser. There are too many covered up Google metrics which are financial and thus vital. Possibly even illegal? Customers of financial services need to know there are guidelines and the law protects them.

  3. Google not showing Quality Score is VERY bad. This is connected to advert rates so is financial in nature and all financial processes and transactions should be open. Users should be protected by guidelines, procedures and the law. So not showing this score is like withholding a Financial Credit Score which does not happen, the customer is protected by law. This needs to be fixed. Work arounds like 'Expected CTR' not working either.

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