Here’s How You Choose Your Auction Reserve Price


Here’s a guide to how to set your auction reserve price — and why you should maybe choose a “No Reserve” auction!

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Four especially exciting auctions, according to Doug:
2019 Ferrari GTC4Lusso:
1999 Hummer H1 Convertible:
Hoovie’s 2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe:
1984 Toyota Land Cruiser Fire Truck:

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  1. My garage

    63’ Cadillac
    91’ bmw 750iL
    94’ bmw 750iL
    95’ Mercedes E300 Diesel
    97’ M3
    95’ M5
    98’ Mercedes S600
    37’ Cadillac LaSalle
    20’ RAM 2500 Cummins

    I will never use your cars & bids platform. BAT is much better. Doug wanted to partner with them but was shut down.

  2. Remember that Doug makes money by the volume of sales. If I were Doug, I would push to get the highest number of sales, regardless of the sales price. No-reserve auctions give Doug the greatest assurance of a sale. The percent fee he earns for a high sold price is probably less important than the number of sales completed. Doug has all the actual exact dollar data about 1) selling with and without a reserve, 2) the levels of the reserves, 3) the sold prices, 4) the brand, model, and condition of each car, and so on. Why he only tell stories, speaks in generalities, and gives verbal examples instead of showing the actual data to support his statements, I can guess. Will Doug show us the data to support his statements?

  3. Question for Cars & Bids. If the reserve is $30,000, and high bid is $28,000. Has it ever happened that you might contact both parties to see if the buyer might come up, and the seller might take a bit less for the sale to happen?

  4. I lost my shirt selling a porsche no reserve. I did not get the money I had in my tires and wheels. Mine was clean title with no rust.. a 2 owner fully maintained florida car. So no reserve did not work for me. My car actual value was about 8 grand.. new tires , brakes , clutch. All origional paint with no accidents and no problems.. the ac worked.. the exhaust was perfect.. just had timing belt and water pump service.

    So i got killed.. no idea why no decent bids.

  5. Off-road mods are nice to keep because the waitlists for many things are 6 months right now. Want to get a Gobi rack? You'll probably be missing the 2021 camping season. Want a Alu-Cab RTT? Good luck. GFC? lol. Even lifts and stuff, if you can't do it yourself you might be waiting a couple months to get an appointment at an off-road shop that can do a proper install (body mount chop, etc.).

  6. Can you share what the reserve was for the Land Cruiser fire truck?

    Re: the reserve issue–from someone who has an eBay account that is was old enough to vote in 2020… if you have 2 identical items, the no reserve item will go to a final higher price–9 times out of 10.

  7. When I was selling my Cadillac, I thought for a millisecond about selling it on Cars and Bids. Obviously I sold it the old-fashioned way knowing damn well C&B would have turned me away. My Cadillac was not even remotely for enthusiasts, and it really needed a restoration, so I left well enough alone.

  8. I work as a claims adjuster for the 3rd largest private insurance company. TRUST ME your mods on a vehicle do not add value, the dealership MODIFICATIONS do not add value. Good luck with your sales!

  9. I have to tell you like this guy Doug is really some guy his wife is lucky. He even put a towel under his laptop I mean there’s a ford GT under it but you get the idea

  10. I'm european and don't have a car, but yet here I am
    thinking about reserve prices
    Personally I'd go with whatever that Murican "bring your car and we'll give you at least this amount" company would give you

  11. Counter point. You HAVE to have at least two people in the room bidding. If your car is ending at a time when the right people aren’t there, you get screwed. It doesn’t matter what car you have. If there aren’t multiple bidders at that specific time you will lose a lot of money.

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