Today’s Video We Visit The Public Auto Auction To Preview Some Cars, And To See Some Prices! Public / Dealer Auction Deals.

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  1. So ik nothing about cars . Does high mileage automatically mean that it’s a out of shape car ? Also these cars being sold are they inspected before hand ? Ik it might sound dumb but ik nothing about auctions lol .

  2. brother…..when you say numbers there is no "and" in numbers unless there is a decimal point. 2009….is not two thousand ''and'' nine. 115,000 is not one hundred ''and'' fifteen thousand. You are welcome to run your channel however you choose. Just wanted you to know. Love your videos though.

  3. Was this a public auction or a dealers licensed auction? Great video by the way man love your style of videos keep up the good work!

  4. It hurt watching this craziness from those with itchy money bags they spent too much on things they shouldn't have…..the top income earners just spent like crazy and the opportunist took advantage of the short falls of the US markets becasue nothing is really made here…even some of the food is not even made here that go to our kitchens…restaurants were the many ones getting a majority of the American Grown Foods while many groceries may have China, South American, or even Canadian meat for sale…In other words, when you look at the US markets its a buying market, with many working in services but not production markets.

  5. Blame the wealthy and opportunist that will take while they have a chance and the money…Like buying toilet paper and all the gas during hard times for everyone…sale it for 3x the price. Those with the means to reap will because they've been given so much of a lead to do so over others for decades. Those that struggle with that hood life income…should just invest in passive incomes during 2020 and years after….becasue that is all they can afford… LOL.

  6. Yo sound quality is good bro me an my lady been looking at you for months we're out in cali just took our dealers test a few weeks back keep feeding us good information

  7. Not sure why this one popped up in my que but it was interesting. Always wondered about these auctions. Amazing how that no matter the shape of the car, they usually look a lot better when they are wet!

  8. I'm studying for my learners permit and these cars are nice execpt the blue one with the busted window.

  9. All those cars without plates? They need plates by buyer and require paper work and spendings as well?

  10. They beating them people in the head…
    Them miles so high and so high priced….
    Ima buy a 2011 to 2014 190,000 mile car for no more than $2,000 where i live and come there and sell it for $9500 to $11,000 and get rich of these fools….

  11. Nothing like selling a car and immediately driving it 20 mph straight into a pot hole. They sell bearings too? Lmao

  12. @ 7: 15 Sold ram for 3900 with asking price still in window for 12940. Just shows what a joke some car dealers are.

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