Horse Shelter Heroes | S2E29 | AUCTION RESCUE

Here is the episode many of you have been waiting for! We go to the auction and rescue 28 horses, one who is in critical condition and needs immediate care. We transport the horses back to our shelter and start the intake process with our intake team and vets.
A lot happens in this episode of Horse Shelter Heroes, you won’t want to miss a minute!

Please support our rescue and sheltering efforts as we rescue, shelter and protect horses not only in Tennessee but across the United States!

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  1. Call that "Paint Horse that was down, at the Auction": call him "LAZ", short for "LAZARUS", because he came back from the (near) grave! Miracle Paint! 🐎

  2. You can see her really watching. I can't imagine the poor girl being having such a hard time trying to breathe and being forced through the shoots and pathways at an auction. Thank you all for what you do.

  3. Doc is fabulous. Horses arrive at Horse Plus rescue in dire survival mode. Yet, despite the myriad afflictions those horses present‘ he has a solution. When not, since science hasnt figured all of it yet, sadness is clearly evident. These vids nice lecture series. Needed to highlight Doc‘s work. You are all qualfied in unique ways. Fabulous ppl shoes n all!

  4. I can only imagine the pain a animal must be in if a smell is coming from those hooves it’s got to be so painful… how could anyone just ignore there pets health issues … shame on people like that

  5. I think you guys need to show more of the horses that you save. This is the first time I've ever watched your channel, I had to stop for a while because it seemed like every horse you rescued you were having to put down. I would like to see some of the horses that you have previously brought in and what happens to them, not just all the sad stories! I think what you do is amazing, but you need to show there is some hope here!

  6. I bought i horse from an auction once and she was a little over $3,000 and I don’t know but some old guy was trying to buy her I think he might have worked for a slaughter house

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